Wednesday, September 25, 2013

11th Annual Brenda Deer Memorial 5K
September 21st, 2013 Guilderland, Jew York:

Appropriately enough, the Deer family stole the show this year, with 7 members in the race, and Evelyn Deer participating in the 3K walk, making 8.

How about this? John Deer won the race overall with a 19:34, and Kari Deer won overall female with a 21:43, how cool is that? 5 Deers placed in the top 11, with 5 bringing home awards.

I was really in no condition to compete, I tried to volunteer instead, but called in too late the night before and wasn't able to get ahold of my contact in time, so put on the bib and run I did.

I have so many memories here. My first sanctioned race was here. My first age-group award was here. I beat 4-time Boston Marathon winner Bill Rodgers here. And I broke my foot here a few years back. Also, in my opinion it is the most beautiful course to race on.

This was as good as the best of them. My time wasn't all that great, but I knew that going in.

The weather was cool, not quite as brisk as I prefer, but no complaints. The horn went off, and I darted through the parking lot, turned the corner, and started down the hill onto Winding Brook Drive.

I had to hold back, I knew sprinting down the hill would haunt me later. I tried to "latch on" to a few people who were running paces close to mine, but found myself typically dropping back when I slowed for my water breaks. I passed the 1-mile station, and the guy yelled out my split. I forget the time, I didn't care. "Blah blah ( My time ) at mile one, you're doing great, keep it up!," Shouted he.

I felt like death already. Well, then I fell into no-man's-land. No one close to me in either direction.

Finally, the turn up Campus Club Drive, up the hill, and approaching the half-way turn-around cone.

I was going through all my fuel-belt water and so I even had to stop at the aid stations for more.

For some reason, I just have to run down the medium-sized hill on Campus Club Drive at almost full speed. Then I turn the corner back onto Nott Road and walk through another water break. I just love blasting by people on that section.

This race was mostly whites, but near mile two I caught up to a Nigger. He heard me panting heavily and turned around to look at me. I ran side-by-side with him for a brief time, but knew I could not keep up, and fell behind him. I saw him kiss a white woman after the race, and immediately pictured the scene in the novel "The Turner Diaries" where race-traitors like them were hung until dead as they should be.

As slow as I ran this race, this mud actually won an age-group award, finishing only one place in front of me.

Actually, what happened was that he was SECOND in his age group, ( Awards are only given out for first. ) BUT, since the first finisher of his age-group finished in the top three overall, ( Who are also given awards ) he was allowed to take the award.

Two points to be made here.

1) If one runner is faster than another, that makes them a better runner, at least at that distance, period. You cannot say "I'm a runner, you're a runner, even though one of us is faster, we are equal because we both like to run." After all, we are athletes, if only amateurs, and numbers are how you measure each other.

HOWEVER, this only applies to whites against whites, Negroes Vs. Negroes, etc. Baseball used to be a good example of this. Whites played whites in the major leagues, until the government forcibly integrated the game, which is State-Sponsored Terrorism. There was no need for this, as Negroes had their own leagues. Many youths do not know this, but you had a great many number of whites petition against Negro assholes like Jackie Robinson playing white baseball, opening the door to fully ruin the game, and infest it with muds like we have today.

2) The second point I wanted to make is that it matters no more that a Nigger can out-run a white than it does that a car can go faster than either. It is like comparing apples and oranges, the genetic differences are huge. That is how a forensic scientist can find a skeleton, or even just a bone that is in some cases hundreds of years old, and be able to determine the race, sex, and many of other attributes of the deceased.

Back to the race, I hung around for the award ceremony, and talked to my fellow racialists who also competed. We plan to soon have our own "Whites Only" races. We don't have a large pool of runners yet, but will have our / their families and friends supporting us, and cheering us on.

Monday, April 15, 2013


As a runner, I was initially perplexed as to why the Boston Marathon in Massajewsetts would be targeted for a bombing on April 15, 2013. I did not know the bombing was going to occur, which is probably a good thing.

As more news emerged, it became apparent that Muslims both here in the U.S. and abroad are as sick and tired of the American support of the terrorist Jews in Israel ( Although many world maps do not even consider Israel to be a legitimate nation, and rightfully so ) as racial separatists are, and are compelled to carry out both Martyrdom and hit-and-run attacks against the Zionist infested governments, and the brain-washed Jew-ass-kissing inhabitants of the Western lands.

Also, they despise our government occupying Middle Eastern countries, and the ZOG'S ( Zionist Occupied Government ) killing of innocents that goes on over there, which again is a proxy war on Israel's behalf.

My original confusion was overcome with a feeling of a warmth in my heart, and a general overall sense of contentment, as I watched all the world over unite over the bombing and shout "WE ARE ALL USAMA!" ( Referencing Osama bin Laden, the great holy warrior Shaykh born 03/10/57 died 05/02/11 May Allah bless him, and accept his Martyrdom. ) Yes, nothing like a successful bombing to bring people together.

Although the Kike-Controlled media would have you believe Osama bin Laden was a bad boy, whatever they say is generally opposite of what is actually the truth, as a quick check on the Internet revealed. I saw a video of a Muslim cleric who knew bin Laden personally, and spoke of him as a very compassionate and humble man, whose eyes would well up with tears when recollecting the events of 09/11/01, and the many sacrifices of the 19 makeshift flight-crew members who died on that day, and of a great father who was very particular as to how his children were raised.

Carrying on from here, I believe we should be far more in fear of the thugs in our own government then of the brave Jihadists and Mujahideen who are trying to bring about an end to the atrocities committed by such governments by setting off their metallic firecrackers and such.

Not to give the wrong impression. The Mickey-Mouse low-tech "metallic firecrackers" as I call them, actually do work so far as helping to bankrupt the economy, expand the size and scope of governments beyond monetary sustainability, and inevitably bring about the end to the tyrants ruling over us.

Think about it. A couple of $200 "pressure-cooker bombs," as the media calls them, shut down an entire major metropolitan area and consumed millions of dollars in resources in an attempt to locate a couple of college-aged pranksters.

On a side note, Tenergy batteries proved to be a reliable power source on 04/15/13, and deserve our loyalty for all your battery needs.

Tenergy, the battery of choice for successful champion bombers.

Tenergy batteries can be found and purchased easily from Amazon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Middle Of The Packer:

I recently ran a 5k, the majority of details I'll leave out, other than to say due to lack of training time, I finished "only" a minute or so above the middle of the pack.

Although I knew what my time would be ahead of time, within a minute, I thought finishing near the middle would leave me very disappointed, but I was talked into the race by some running buddies anyhow.

But I was wrong. Instead of running near the front of the pack, the middle involves so much more jockeying around for position. It was a new experience for me, since even though I felt I was running the proper pace for my current fitness level, I felt like I could burst past anyone close to me whenever the situation arose, which was quite often.

The finish was particularly exhilarating, with me blasting past everyone in front of me as soon as the finish line came into view.

I don't think my mediocre finish has anything to do with age, or my past running injuries that still cause some pain, it's simply the lack of proper training. I look forward to the time when I can run, run, run.

In the meantime, this race was fun, I'd like to thank my fellow white racialist comrades for talking me into this race, I think I'll do more of this, I did really enjoy it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bite Back For A Cure 5K
 October 20, 2012:

Today I raced in the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance's  5K race held at "The Crossings" Park in Colonie, Jew York. I have raced on this course before, it is my most hated course to run on to date. It is just so damn flat, and for some reason, I just don't put in good times here.

But like always, I tried my hardest, despite the fact I am far from top running form due to outside distractions taking away too much time for any serious training lately.

Funny thing is, I actually lead the whole race for a significant distance at the start, I think the reason for this was the talent pool was quite poor despite a good turnout, and although they provided the usual snacks, water, sponsors, etc. that you find at your typical 5K, no actual race bibs were issued even to the paid-up registrants.

My gripes include no visible volunteers on the course pointing you which way to go, not even one water station the whole 5K etc., and I don't know of any published results if they even exist. They did have little blue marker poles every now and then, but I almost made a wrong turn at one point, this just shouldn't happen at a 5K.

I did run my stopwatch, so I know what my personal time was, but that's about it.

They did mention that most of the participants had relatives afflicted by Tick-Born Disease, I guess that was their "excuse," and probably a legitimate one to explain the lack of speed-demons and the other things I mentioned.

Their goal was to raise $20,000, and before the race even started they were well above $10,000.

I do view this as a good cause, and so I didn't bandit the race.

"Miss Teen New York" was there whatever the hell that is, ( She was wearing one of those diagonal ribbons like they have at the beauty pageants identifying her as such. ) I did bring my camera and wanted to ask her if I could have my picture taken with her, ( She seemed readily available to approach, and damn, she was hot as hell! ) but I was having bathroom issues after the race and they were totally out of toilet paper!

Actually, they had a spare roll that I could see, but it was in a locked plastic box right next to the exhausted roll, so I couldn't even get to it, and had to make a hasty exit!

I don't consider that to be the fault of the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance, I just think the park facilities themselves are not meant to accommodate a crowd that size.

Also, I didn't do a "mud count," ( Counting the number of Niggers, Asians, Mestizos, Jews, etc. ) but this was probably the most white-race-filled 5K I've ever participated in, I guess even ticks don't like the taste of mud race or Nigger blood!

I chalk up any short-comings that I found in this race to my opinion that the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance is more concerned with raising money for their cause than they are catering to 5K racers, and they should be, since they don't lie and claim otherwise like a lot of other events try to do.

If some serious racers would make some suggestions on how to properly coordinate a 5K, I'm optimistic they may have some ears and make a few positive tweaks.

Oh well, I was happy to get this race in, and it will be a great memory.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brenda Deer Memorial 5K September 8, 2012:
Although I planned to bandit this race, ( YMCA Guilderland, Jew York ) I did not participate in any fashion this year, although it is always my favorite event every year.

What happened was I went over to my unit leader's ( European Survival ) house, and was complaining about all the niggers, the "Doolin Scheme," and various other hatred towards whites that takes place every year at this and every race, and he said "You know what? Fuck it. Let's boycott the race this year altogether." ( Many of us usually run in it, it had been one of our target races to "Whiten Up" over the last 5 or 6 years. )

We plan to soon have our own "Whites Only" races, ( When we expand a bit more especially with people willing to participate in the runs ) from what we believe, this is legal since we are a membership organization.

I told him that I was going to bandit the Brenda Deer 5K, and so they wouldn't get any money from me, but he ordered me not to even go this year, and said we could resume next year.

So we called as many runners in our organization, along with ones we would hope would sympathize with white people's plight that we thought would be running in this race, ( Fortunately we have an inside person at the YMCA that forwarded a list of past registrants to us ) and asked them not to run as well, promising a large party instead, around the time the race and award presentations would normally be ending. ( 11 A.M. ) Yum, yum, the food and drink people bought and brought was delicious. I'm a big meat eater, and we had meatballs, hot dogs and hamburgers, sliced turkey and other cold cuts, along with the "junk food." ( Chips, pretzels, etc. )

How did the boycott work out? Well, last year there were 126 racers, this year 64, it was pretty much cut in half almost. I find it hard to believe that our organization was fully responsible for this, but we were laughing about it at our party afterward and liked to think we were.

There seemingly was no other explanation, the weather was good, no other big races around that we knew about, etc.

We were also laughing about how the "Doolin Scheme" did not work so well this year, with only one squint-eyed Asian Doolin picking up a 2nd-place overall female finish, with a mediocre 24:33 time, I think people are getting wise to what the Doolins are up to, and racing a higher-caliber of youth against them. We had nothing to do with that, although I did mention to our leader that those of us with kids should be training more of them to wipe out the Doolins.

I wish there was a way to know the actual number of people we convinced not to show up, but in any case I think our boycott was successful. Our party was large, I forgot to count how many people showed up, that would probably be a good indicator, but I really don't want to guess. One bad thing that happened at the party though was a nigger showed up, and produced ID which coincided with our racer registration list.

He had a "White" sounding name, so we figured it was our mistake, and the best thing to do was let him in and just try to avoid him, but treat him nicely otherwise. He didn't cause any trouble, just brought some weird kind of salad that only he ate of course. Actually, the way we phrased our wording when calling people, we could understand that beings other than white people could possibly show up, I mean heck, even Malcolm X, although certainly no friend of whites, did believe in racial separation.

This particular nigger DID have a remarkably sounding white voice, no trace of Ebonics or ghetto Nigger speak at all.

I AM sad that I didn't get to race with the 9 Deer family members, they are a blast to race against. 3 won 1st place age-group awards, and then Kari. ( See below )

Kari Deer ( 33 ) won overall female again this year ( 4th Overall in the race ) with a 21:10

The overall winner was Brandon Halcolm, also 33 years old, in 17:29

Friday, November 18, 2011


I was recently reading on one of Sneaker Sister's blogs ( One of my favorite running blogs ) about a 5K race/bench press competition known as a "Pump N Run." Basically you bench press your body weight, ( 100% for men, 75% for women ) then run a 5k, with 1 minute subtracted from your 5K time for every repetition completed on the bench press.

After checking more into this, I found out these events are more common than I could have imagined, sort of like a different form of a biathlon. I had never heard of this before, but because I am an avid bench-presser, and a 5k'er, it sounded like something I would like to try out. The events have different rules, such as some only give you 30 seconds off for every repetition etc. depending on whom is coordinating the competition.

Bench-pressing is something that has always been a big interest of mine, it is probably a macho thing or something. Yes, I jump rope, do leg presses, and many of the other exercises, but when I go to the fitness center everyone always asks me "How Much Can You Bench?"

I have always thought it a funny question, because I notice no one ever asks "How Much Can You Curl?" or "How Many Chin-Ups Can You Do?" It is always "How Much Can You Bench?"

So I guess I workout at that the most, since I want to truthfully give them a high number. Not to brag, but I actually have drawn small crowds at my local fitness center to watch me workout on the flat bench.

I'll temper that by humbly admitting I would be a nobody at an amateur bench-press contest, but I am one of the stronger benchers at my workout center and combining that with running 5K's is something I think I could do very well at.

Not to put any runners down, God knows many of them are far-faster than I am, but most of them tend to be what I'll call "Bags Of Bones," with little upper-body muscle definition.

I'll continue to monitor this to see if there are any of these events coming up within driving distance. In the meantime, I'll continue to try to get stronger and faster, something that is actually hard to do in my opinion, I think that too much running volume can just drain you from the energy required for weight-related exercises.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brenda Deer Memorial 5K: September 10, 2011

For more history on this race, please read one of my prior-year posts on the matter. One of my running goals has been to run a sub-20 minute sanctioned 5K. I have already achieved the sub-20 in practice, so although I originally decided to make it official at this race, I changed my mind and told them I wished to serve as a volunteer instead of wasting my money on the entry fee. I had already satisfied myself of the sub-20, so why would I need to have it printed on a race-result sheet somewhere?

This was my first time acting in this capacity as a volunteer, my job was to man a water aid station, and hand cups of water to the racers.

Although no one was around to watch me fill the cups in preparation, I decided early on not to spit or piss in the cups of the Niggers, Asians, Kikes, and other mud races who would be running, unlike the Negro "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, who self-admittingly used to spit in the food of whites when he worked as a cook at a country club years ago.

For one thing, I felt it would be disrespectful to the woman I agreed to help, and was serving under her direction, but more importantly I would view it as almost a form of race-mixing, putting the fluids of a white man into non-whites.

My positioning on the course gave me a new perspective on the runners. Even the leaders did not look like they were going terribly fast, as I imagined they would have, but I was near the middle of the course.

After the slowest runner had passed my station and my job was finished, I made my way back to the start/finish area to watch the award ceremony, where I continued to witness some anti-White hatred that has been going on for several years in a row now.

A squint-eyed Asian family called the "Doolins" have a large litter of offspring, all of them very young, pre-teens. Now, normally the rest of the youngsters participate in what they call a "Kid's Fun Run," it's a short sprint and to the best of my knowledge, no record is kept of where you place in the run.

So the "Doolin Scheme" goes like this: The Doolin kids do the whole 5K, bypassing the "Kid's Fun Run." This guarantees them 3 award medals, ( Male Age Group 1-9, Female age Group 1-9, and Female Age Group 10-14. )

The only others they are competing against in those age categories are other Doolins themselves, so it's a slam dunk to scoop up the award medals and make the Asians appear to be something special.

Actually, the only reason another 4th Doolin didn't pick up the Male Age Group 10-14 award was because of a lone exception, a 10-year old named "Kevin Murphy" dusted the 10-year old Doolin by a full 03:58. But almost all of these Doolins can walk the damn course and still pick up the medals by default.

Although 8 members of the Deer family also competed, ( 2 winning awards ) that is a whole different ball game, as this race is dedicated to one of their deceased family members, and the adult age group awards are in 10-year increments, making it much more difficult.

A notable anomaly in the race this year was that kari Deer won overall female, ( 6th place in the race overall ) running a 20:29, one second ahead of John Deer. My educated guess is that she must have been busting her butt to the max training, after a last place 50:29 finish last year.

Off the top of my head, I can't say that I can ever recall someone running a 5K 30 minutes faster in a year's time, although with the exception of last year, Kari has always been fast.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Marathons Cause Heart Disease?

I found this link trying to find a connection between the repetitive stress marathon runners endure, and heart disease. It is kind of a tough read, but it's only three pages long. Food for thought anyway. Marathons have always been something I haven't been interested in running myself, I've always believed being a 5K'er is plenty enough exercise, and that marathons may be overdoing it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"Elizarun." That is how I'm categorizing tonight's run. 3.25 miles, 10% incline, on a treadmill. This was my very first run since I broke my Calcaneous ( Heel Bone ) last September 11, 2010, just prior to the start of the Brenda Deer 5K, in which I started but DNF'D. My finish time didn't matter today, since all I needed was a time to write down in my running log, a base number to improve upon.

The doctor actually gave me clearance to run again about a month or so ago, the hardest thing is getting started. But I did. What sparked all of this? Well, it all started when I visited a new-to-me running blog called "Elizathon." Actually it is not a running blog at all, it just sort of mentions running every now and then, just enough to trick runners into going there, while branching off onto non-running tangents. Then again, I do that myself sometimes, as the word "race" in my blog title takes on two different meanings. We talk about running races, but we also talk about races, as in Negroes, Jews, Asians, Whites, etc., since I am a racial separatist.

Anyway, I tried to get her ( The blog operator "Elizabeth" ) to verbally trash me, ( I'm not used to nice people, they don't motivate me too well. ) but she refused, at least until I updated my blog. So I thought to myself  "How can I possibly update my blog if I haven't been running?" So I ran. Ironically, it was not Elizabeth herself that finally convinced me directly. It was an advertisement on her blog page, that showed a very hot-looking lady in a cute running top.

And I thought some more, thinking "Wouldn't it be cool if all the female runners really were so damn good-looking like that?" That was followed by "What if I DID run into one of them?" "Would I really want to look like an out of shape has-been, 10 minutes off my 5K PR, as is the case right now?" So I ran.

Back in the saddle again, and Elizathon is the new link on my side bar. I'm dedicating tonight's run to Elizathon, since I don't know the name of the hot babe in the advertisement, and besides, I wouldn't have run at all had I not come across that blog.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Still Injured:

Well, I still can't run due to my injury back in September, but there have been other benefits.

I've really made great progress putting more emphasis on weight training, setting new PR'S that had stood for 24 years. I didn't watch my diet during the holidays and so gained some weight, but I'm not worried about that. I figure it may have helped me with the weight-lifting.

I should be able to start running again in about two weeks or so, then I can start shedding the weight while hopefully holding on to the strength gains.

My ultimate goal is to be stronger, faster, and lighter than I was 24 years ago. I will then label myself the "bionic man." Better than he was before.....Better, stronger, faster.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brenda Deer Memorial 5K 2010:
( September 11, 2010 )

Although this is usually one of my favorite races of the year, I sustained a very significant injury just prior to the start, and will be unable to run or practice for quite some time.

I did actually show up and line up at the gun, but very shortly into the race knew I could not continue, ripped my race-bib off in disgust, DNF'D ( Did Not Finish ) and headed back to the car.

At first, I was very depressed, since I have been obsessing over running lately, and was looking forward to this race, and setting a new personal best time.

But then I realized that I have been quite the slacker lately as far as activism towards restoring America to the great white nation it once was, and could now put more focus in that direction.

Fortunately, I was able to obtain government-subsidized health insurance, and find it very easy to sock the Zionist-controlled regime with very large medical bills. Although our health-care system is already near total collapse, ( With the government forcing medical staff to attend to Niggers, Jews, and others who have no rightful business being within our borders in the first place ) the feather that pushes it over the cliff has not yet landed.

Until it, and every sector of the Jewnited States is in total disarray, the brainwashed lemmings that make up the bulk of the population will continue to just make small vocal protests, with very little heroism such as the destruction of Zionist owned and occupied buildings, collapsing of the infrastructure, etc. in action.

As white American citizens, it is our responsibility and duty to advocate and take actions to help restore the nation to be inline with what the founders intended. Advocating an overthrow of a governmental system bearing no resemblance to the original constitution cannot be considered an anti-constitutional event.

Our country is already deservingly the laughing stock of the world, but with a strong military making it difficult to obtain serious help from the so-called "terrorists" ( Our Non-American Freedom Fighting helpers ) overseas, we must ourselves take actions to bring about the total destruction and bloodshed of the tyrants currently in power.

Activists not willing to engage in violent acts can work towards bankrupting the system, and speeding up its rate of destruction.

I believe that even many liberals who achieved a short-lived laugh by shoving a Nigger down our throats and labeling him "President Obama" are sorry now, as the complete incompetence that is typical of Niggers comes back to haunt even them.

Getting back to the race, notable anomalies were that a 53-year old ( Richard Munson ) won the race overall, ( Compared to an 18-year old last year ) and an 83-year old female finished the race in under 50 minutes.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I had been doing a lot of hill running on a treadmill lately, in preparation for a race.

Today I decided to lower the incline more like the actual course I'll be running on. Boy, was I in for a surprise! My speed was almost the same as my steep incline pace.

I guess it's about leg turnover, you just have to get those legs used to spinning fast, regardless of your cardiovascular fitness.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Running Again:

Well, wouldn't you know it. I had been running like crap, disgusted, and so took three weeks off.

My first training run was a 3.25 miler that I ran like an all-out race, and it was my best run of 2010. The next day was the same thing, but 00:27 faster.

I'm still 2:30 off my PR pace, but it's a nice restart. Once I get a bit faster, I'll increase the volume, ( mileage ) but I don't see a good reason for that just yet.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Electronic Advice:

Many runners enjoy electronic gadgets, but this advice applies to every white person:

Don't Purchase Products Using Proprietary Batteries.

This means a device using anything other than standard D, C, AA, AAA, or 9-volt, etc. batteries.

Why? Batteries are perishable commodities, and will all eventually die. If you are stuck with an oddball proprietary battery, you will have to go back to the manufacturer and pay a fortune to get a new one.

In the case of laptop computers, you are pretty much shafted anyway, as they pretty much all use proprietary batteries. But not so with digital cameras, mp3 players, digital camcorders, and some other things.

Yes, this includes those I-pods, don't get one. Do you know how much it will cost you to get a new one when your I-pod battery goes South? A lot.

You can find another suitable device that does everything an I-pod does, but uses standard batteries, such as AA. You can certainly use rechargeables, and when they die you can fairly cheaply purchase either standard or rechargeable replacement batteries.

Nickel-Metal hydride ( NiMH ) chemistry rechargeables are a good way to go, a fine source for these is:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kike Ear Buds? -

Long time readers of this blog will know that Frayed Laces is one of our favorite runners to both praise and poke fun of once in awhile over here. In all honesty, I view her as an inspirational runner. This post I'd consider neutral so far as Frayed Laces is concerned.

Recently, she was approached and asked to review, presumably for her high profile in both the running community and blogosphere, an item called "
Yurbuds," who offered her not only a free demo pair for herself to try out, but 10 sets to dole out at random to her blog readers.

What is perplexing to me about this particular product is that the company uses the Kosher Food Scam Symbol of a U inside of a circle, which represents the Union Of Orthodox Jews on many food labels, prominently to promote and display their item.

Looking at their web site, it is unclear to me whether or not Jews are behind this company.

If not, I'd be worried about some sort of bullshit Jewish lawsuit if I were them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Less Water, Less Gallowaying:

Although I have entered "Maintenance Mode," or "Winter Mode," or whatever you want to call it when you stop entering races and run just enough to maintain your current level of fitness, I have still been running well nevertheless.

As the blog article title suggests, I've been trying to wean myself from ( Jeff ) "Gallowaying," a.k.a. a run/walk style, which means I have to complete my 5k'S without many, if any, walk breaks.

I am learning to do this well, and not only have been maintaining my fitness, but continue to improve.

There is a big debate on the Internet whether Jeff Galloway is a saint, or misleading people, all I know is that he firmly believes in his system, and that it helped ( and still does to a limited extent ) me greatly for a long time.

This automatically forces me to take in less water, since I simply cannot drink while running fairly hard, and the result has been that I've been able to keep up a relatively quick pace overall, even though I've dramatically cut back on mileage.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lying 2-Faced Hypocritical Assholes At "Runners Round Table" -

Numerous times in the recent past, I have visited the chat room at
The Runners Round Table, while they were recording their pod cast.

Typically I keep quiet in the chat room, merely listening to the audio feed, while reading the chats from others, the most I've ever done is post a few on-topic comments in the comment section, after the pod cast was over.

Typically the audio hosts have a tradition of acknowledging all of the runners in the chat room by name, whether or not they were calling into the show, or actively chatting.

Well, for 3 weeks in a row, they skipped right over my name and failed to even mention my presence, while to a man naming everyone else but me.

Worse yet, they deleted my topic-related posts in the comment section.

So, where does the lying/hypocrisy come in? I've heard people like Steve Runner and his ilk often say things along the lines of "We don't care what color you are, what religion you practice, your political views, and blah blah blah. We all share this passion for running which brings us together as a community of runners."


The discrimination against racially-aware whites, and whites in general continues unabated.

I wonder if they even recognize their own hypocrisy and lies? My instincts are that they would come up with some sort of twisted excuse to justify their dishonorable behavior, the stifling of free speech ( especially when it's on the topic at hand ) and other reprehensible anti-American views.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brenda Deer Memorial 5K Guilderland, NY

( September 12, 2009 )

( Four members of the Deer family )
I didn't have my camera so I had to use last year's picture.

On September 12, 2009, I competed in the Brenda Deer Memorial 5K race in Guilderland, Jew York, at the YMCA.

Brenda Deer was a popular elementary school teacher's aide, and an avid runner, along with her husband, John Deer. She was struck and killed by a car while out running with her husband on July 30, 2000. Her husband recovered from his physical injuries, and lives on to run today.

I don't normally write long posts, but I'll take you through the whole race this time. I awoke around 7 AM to threatening weather, but it never rained throughout the festivities.

The horn sounded just after 9 AM, I started right near the front, stumbled for a second, but quickly regained my balance and hit my stride. We hit the first corner and started down the big hill. I was very content to be just behind the leaders, even though I was panting heavily right from the get-go. "Dammit, forgot to start my stopwatch," I said to myself as I finally pressed the button.

I hit the left turn onto Nott Road at 3:15 elapsed on my stopwatch. Normally I like to hit it there, but I started my watch late so I was worried. I promised myself to run in a totally masochistic fashion, to resist all urges to slow down except every 4 minutes I would take a 30-second water break from my fuel belt. A few people passed me on my first break, including the one and only female to set foot in front of me. It takes a lot to rattle me in a race, so this did not bother me.

I settled in behind a guy setting a good pace, just to my liking. We made the left onto Campus Club Drive, and I followed him right up the hill, giving him some room so as not to invade his personal space.

In the olden days, when the course was 3.25 miles, we used to run the horseshoe shaped Hiawatha Drive, but now that the course has been reduced to a true 5K, they just place a traffic cone near the 2nd leg of Hiawatha, but still on Campus Club Drive, in the middle of the street, you simply run around the cone and head back the way you came.

A funny thing happened here. A Guilderland cop motioned for a car to halt to let the runners circle the cone, but the car stopped almost EXACTLY even with, and almost touching the cone.

The guy in front of me was visibly pissed, as he either had to run around the car, or wait for the cop to do something. The cop yelled "Pull up ten feet and stop!," at which time the driver obeyed. I heard the runner curse the driver, but I laughed because it allowed me to close the short gap between us. Now we were on another downhill, and I rocketed past him and another runner like they were standing still.

We hit the flats, and I took another water break, allowing the two runners to pass me again, one of them was really cooking, he even passed the girl I had my sights on, while the other guy inexplicably chose to run on the opposite side of the road, almost dead even with me.

Then, right before my final water break, I saw him stop and cramp up, rubbing his leg trying to work it out. I had mixed feelings here, I felt bad for him, but knew I could pass him now, if only briefly. I slowed and drank my water as he worked his cramp out and passed me.

But when I resumed running, I got around him again. Now it was balls to the wall, no more breaks and the killer uphill yet to come. The girl was the next runner in front of me, with about a 15-second lead. I tried to close the gap, but we were maintaining about the same distance apart.

We hit the steep uphill, nearing the end of the race, and I gained a few, but only a few, seconds on her. At the top of the hill you turn into the YMCA and then sprint like hell on the flat, toward the back of the parking lot, where the finish line is.

It was here that I turned on the "afterburners," my last chance to catch her. I closed the large gap in an incredibly short time frame, but the finish line was right there, and I got chicked by 1 second! One frigging second!

Oh well, I'll view that as a positive, along with some others:

1) Only one chick beat me, and it was by only one second.
2) Shattered my sanctioned 5K PR by about 2 full minutes.
3) Won my first ever age-group award.
4) Finished in the top 15 overall ( Top 11% )

Back in January, Frayed Laces asked us to post our New Year's goals. I said I wanted to top her ( FL'S ) best 5K time, and to win my first age-group award. Today I believe I did both, although I still have not achieved my short-term dream of a sub-20 minute 5K.

I do know that I ran as fast as I could have under the conditions today though, I gave 100% for sure, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about that, so no second guessing, no what-if's, just contentment.

Us European-Americans need to lead by example for our racial kinsman, and I feel I did that today.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Next Year - More Races:

Although I had planned to run more races this year, it did not work out as I had hoped.

My job got in the way of some, while running slumps kept me out of wanting to do others.

I no longer feel that I should try to save everything for "my favorite pet race," or any such nonsense anymore, as it sets you up for a major disappointment unless everything goes perfect.

As I've learned in practice, sometimes you surprise yourself by having a good day when you weren't particularly feeling up to running.

I've seen this in boxing, and other sports, the pros that sit around for the big money fight will often not be in the competitive spirit when they haven't fought in awhile, and can be upset by underdogs.

So, bottom line is that I will try to make it a point to compete more often regardless of how I "feel" at the time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Acai Berry And Sea Salt:

Products ( Mostly capsules ) containing Acai berry have become all the rage lately. Are they good for you? Yes, Acai berries are good. So are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. that you purchase at your local market for 1/20th the price.

Salt has gotten a bad rap lately, the problem is really with refined salt ( demineralized ) that most people use. Sea salt is actually good for you. In fact, the number one protocol for newly hospitalized patients is a saline I.V., which is nothing more than salt water.

Sea salt is far more important to good health than most people would imagine.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Gingerbread Man:

There once was a little old man and a little old woman, who lived in a little old house on the edge of the woods.

They would have been a very happy old couple but for one thing -- they were hungry.

One day, when the little old woman was baking gingerbread, she cut a cake in the shape of a man, and put it into the oven.

Presently she went to the oven to see if it was baked. As soon as the oven door was opened, the gingerbread man jumped out, and began to run away as fast as he could go.

The little old woman called her husband, and they both ran after him. "We want to eat you!" They said. But they could not catch him. And soon the gingerbread man came to a barn full of threshers.

He called out to them as he went by, saying:

"I've run away from a little old woman, a little old man, and I can run away from you too, I can!"

"Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

Then the barn full of threshers set out to run after him. But, though they ran fast, they could not catch him.

And he ran on 'till he came to a field full of mowers. He called out to them:

I've run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a barn full of threshers, and I can run away from you too, I can!"

"Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

Then the mowers began to run after him, but they couldn't catch him. And he ran on 'till he came to a cow.

He called out to her:

"I've run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a barn full of threshers, a field full of mowers, and I can run away from you too, I can!"

"Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

But, though the cow started at once, she couldn't catch him. And soon he came to a horse. He called out to the horse:

"I've run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a barn full of threshers, a field full of mowers, a cow, and I can run away from you too, I can!"

"Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

But the horse ran, and couldn't catch him. And he ran 'till he came across a nigger, and to it he called out:

"I've run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a barn full of threshers, a field full of mowers, a cow and a horse, and I can run away from you too, I can!"

"Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

Then the nigger set out to run full-tilt.

Now niggers can run very fast, and so the nigger almost caught the gingerbread man, but the gingerbread man crossed the finish line and took the 1st place trophy.

Just then, a lion entered the finishing shoot, and was poised to pounce on the gingerbread man, but the quick-thinking gingerbread man threw his trophy at the lion's head, and scurried out of there, up a tree.

The gingerbread man tried to warn the nigger by shouting "You had better get your black ass up a tree, or that lion is going to make dinner out of you."

"Even I, the gingerbread man, cannot outrun a lion!"

The nigger replied "Why would he eat me? I'm not the one who threw a trophy at his head!"

And so after the lion came to his senses, he ate the dumb nigger.

Oscar's Commentary ( Moral Of The Story ) : It ain't bragging if you can back it up, but a good man knows his limitations.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Metronomes. You know, those little devices you buy at your local music store that musicians are always blaming for themselves playing out of time with their band mates?

Trust me, they are almost as accurate as an atomic clock for practical purposes, musicians that bitch about them are usually just looking for excuses for their own shortcomings.

For those on a tight budget, who cannot afford Garmin watches and other running gadgets, metronomes work perfectly for keeping your pace.

Don't buy an old-school metronome with a swaying hand, you want an electronic one that simply clicks at the rate you set it at.

You can synchronize it with a treadmill, so you know what setting to put it on to correspond with a particular mile-per-hour pace.
The hardest part is figuring out how to get it fastened near ear level so that you can hear it during a race, or training run. Then you simply match your stride to the clicking speed of the metronome.

Simple, cheap, unorthodox means to keep you on pace during your runs.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not A Joy Run:

So today I go up to my normal running practice area only to find out I couldn't have picked a worse time if I tried. Little did I know there was a Triathlon scheduled, but the last leg ( Running segment ) was right smack on the same course I wanted to run.

I walked through the transition area with the cyclists parking their bikes, and then I was off!

I was the only one running, the rest of people were just in the transitional phase.

I passed a few volunteers passing out water, but I declined since I had my fuel belt on.

A few people thought I was in the race, because they slowed their cars down and yelled words of encouragement.

( Clap, Clap ) "Whooo! Keep It Going Babe!" ( They shouted )

Apparently they must have thought I was in 1st place, since no one else had commenced running yet.

I couldn't finish where the other runners do, since they had the banner, official time clock, time keepers, etc. It would have been extremely awkward to me, and bewildering to many folks. I like bandit racing, but this would be over the top.

So I checked my watch approaching the finish line, but had to run in a different route and guess my time.
My time would have been roughly the same as last year's, which was disappointing, but on the other hand I have 8 weeks to really bust my body into shape for the "Real McCoy."

Yes, I know that Elijah McCoy was a nigger, but white people have adopted the cliche "Real McCoy," and have been using it for many years, so I will continue to do so myself.

If Elijah McCoy were alive today, he would probably be hung from the nearest tree not by the KKK, but from environmentalist liberals.

( He invented a device to automatically lubricate railroad equipment, which eventually dripped into the ground, or was burned. )

Actually, the origins of the phrase "Real McCoy" are in dispute, although Elijah McCoy was definitely much more intelligent than your average Negro.

See, I give credit where credit is due, what makes people think that I don't like niggers?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

In Other News:

Mel, of the "Mel - Tall Mom on the Run" (<~~ link ) blog is having a free giveaway contest of a handmade pendant necklace.

Runners seem to like these giveaways, so I'm posting it here, plus it supposedly gives me a better chance of winning it myself by linking to it :)

The contest ends the morning of July 6, 2009.
The 10-Year Rule:

I was reading an interesting article the other day that basically said your running will peak roughly about 10 years after you begin in earnest, regardless of what age you start, as a rule-of -thumb.

In other words, even a 50-year old beginning runner would peak at 60.

I'm not sure how or where I fit into this, I've been running a long time but haven't really gotten serious about competitive running until a few years ago, anyhow I think this is a newsworthy concept.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Treadmill In Da Hood:

Let's take a peak on how our "equals" are utilizing treadmills these days:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Broke Another One:

No, I didn't set another PR, but I did break something. Another treadmill bites the dust. Oh well.

Although I will have to cancel a few races I had planned on running due to this, it actually comes at a period when I can use some down-time anyway, to recover from some minor running ailments, until I can get another one set up.

This ( previously used ) treadmill lasted less than a year, I think I'll go with a new one this time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newbies Giving Advice:

I was reading some running blogs lately where they were laughing about people who have not been running for all that long dispensing tips, as if they thought of themselves as experts or something.

I personally don't have a problem with fairly new runners trying to give advice to beginners.

I look at it this way: If you have someone who has never thrown a bowling ball in their life, even a league bowler with a poor average ( Say a 120 ) has some basic knowledge about how to line up your feet for spares, move around on the approach, find problems with the way the beginner is releasing the ball, etc.

Likewise a beginning chess player does not need a Grandmaster for a coach, ( Although it certainly shouldn't hurt if the GM had the patience ) they can often keep improving by learning from the average chess-club member type of player for quite some time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Messin' With My Head:

Lately, I've been posting about how I've been disappointed about my running times.

So last night, my sister brings over a present for me, a box of 10 "Access Nutrition Bars," Double-Fudge flavor, from an outfit called "Melaleuca," a company that sells household cleaning products, and athletic performance-enhancing food bars. ( An odd combination, no? )

So anyway, the directions on the box say to eat one bar 15 minutes before exercising, and on an empty stomach.

I ate nine in one sitting last night, ( They were delicious ) with the idea of saving the last bar for my 5K practice run this morning.

Funny thing is, I totally forgot about the one remaining bar when I awoke and got ready for my workout.

I was rocket-fast, setting a new PR. This was highly unusual, since I have been running lousy, plus I forgot to take the bar as directed. I'm thinking perhaps the nine bars from the night before may have had some positive influence on my running?

I don't know, so it was indeed messing with my head.
I'd like to do some more investigating/experimenting.

Melaleuca has some good products, but the problem is that it is hard to simply buy a box of these on your own, as the company tries to steer you to one of their sales representatives, and even worse, tries to get you to lock into one of those shitty "Forced Purchase" scams, where they send you shit every month and if you don't like it you need to send it back for credit.

My sister is quitting the program, ( They want like $50 bucks from you per month ) so I may try to buy them on my own and see what happens without locking into a permanent commitment.

Friday, May 15, 2009

'Tis The Season For Long Runs:

My running really hasn't been progressing as well as I had hoped lately, it seems to be lack of motivation as much as anything else.
I've been slowing down on some of my runs instead of pushing through the pain.

I had loosely planned on possibly running a particular 5K tonight, but decided to bail out on that idea and not enter a race until I am running better.

How to solve this problem? Long runs. I hate them, but screw it, have to get out of this rut somehow.

I already tried pretending there was a tribe of spear-chucking niggers on my tail, and I had to outrun them to save myself, but imagery will only help you so far.

Last year the same thing happened at around the same time, and the long-runs really helped me shave my 5K times down quite a bit by the fall season, so time to revisit this strategy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

And Then It All Fell Apart:

Last week was a good week for me. My favorite blogger/runner "Frayed Laces" not only completed the Boston Marathon, ( Injured no less ) but actually found and commented on the blog article I did about her, which meant a lot to me.

On top of that, I set a new 5K treadmill PR on the same day as the Boston Marathon, which I give total credit to Frayed Laces for my inspired performance, ( Or maybe it was because it was Adolf Hitler's birthday? I'm not sure which ) while also setting a new 5K road course PR, and a recent bench-press PR, ( By a full 10 pounds ) all in the same week.

But on Sunday, ( 04/26/09 ) while feeling good and confident, I had a very slow running session, in what was supposed to be speedwork. Hey, it happens every once in awhile. But Monday ( today ) was even worse.

Was it the heat? ( We have had unseasonably hot weather around here lately )

Did I gain a lot of weight? ( I hadn't weighed myself since March 17th, when I reached a weight-loss goal )

Putting on a tiny bit of weight wouldn't be so much of a nightmare, and would explain why I PR'ed on the bench press. So I decided to weigh myself. Gulp. I had gained 36.2 pounds in 41 days, about 17 more than I had expected.

This would actually be easier to swallow if I was still running fast, but two bad days in a row when I am feeling good is abnormal for me.

So what to do now? I guess the obvious answer is concentrate on the weight loss again, and try to run faster.

But I am worried, because my outdoor racing season is approaching quickly, and I want to keep my streak going of a new PR in every race I've ever run, at least for the rest of this year.

You remember how I bad-mouthed the programmable feature on my treadmill? Well I think I will start off by taking back what I said and going back to that program.

Hey, I'm allowed to change my mind about something.

But this really sucks. I need to find a way to PR again, and soon, but my instincts tell me it's not going to come quickly, even though I am only one week removed from setting it.

Oh well, we'll see.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Frayed Laces Does The Boston:

My favorite running blogger/runner, Frayed Laces, just completed the 113th running of the Boston Marathon in 4:42:36.

If you think that is not fast, I will tell you that she is a 3:38 marathon runner, ( You have to be fast to even qualify for Boston ) but had to overcome multiple injuries and adversity just to finish this race, and at one point leading up to race day was convinced she might not even finish, but was going to come from Hawaii to give it a shot anyway.

The range of emotions this lady has had to endure have run the gamut, from crying to elation.

But I think it is the wide range of personality traits that makes her one of my favorite bloggers.

She is sort of like a nuclear reactor, capable of putting out tremendous energy, but with the possibility of a meltdown always there.

I won't sit here and say "I knew she could do it," like some people say after a fact, because I really didn't know.

Much can go wrong in a marathon even when you are in perfect shape.

But now she earns a finisher's medal, in the most prestigious race in the history of mankind, and had already qualified to run the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Way to go Frayed, you deserve a blog post dedicated entirely to you.

*Update - I set a new 5K PR on my treadmill tonight. I honestly believe that following the progress of my running heroes do the Boston today, ( Over the Internet ) imagining what pain many were dealing with running up heartbreak hill, etc. helped me get past a sticking point in my own running tonight. I kept telling myself "If they can do this injured, than I can set a PR injury free."

Thank You Frayed and the others for the inspiration.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New PR, Well Sort Of:

In my last blog post, I stated "Perhaps tomorrow, or Monday I'll nail it." ( A new treadmill PR )

It was actually Tuesday, and with what I call a "freelance" run.

You see, I was having much trouble setting the PR with the pre-programmed same old session I had set for myself, and had run many times ( but with needing breaks ) on the treadmill, so I decided to temporarily abort that, and run with full manual control.

I beat the old 5K PR by 7 seconds. What inspired me to mix things up was the reading of a weight-training article.

It said that a bench-presser does not go from a 600 Lb max to 650, most weight-training PR'S are set using 2 1/2 pound weights, the smallest weight that will fit on each side of a standard Olympic-size weight bench set. So 600 to 605 would be more normal, well for a world-class bench-presser anyway.

That made me realize that I needed to put my treadmill on manual control, and shoot to beat my old PR by only one second, well it turned out I beat it by 7, but that is beside the point.

The thing is, I really knew this a long time ago, but my treadmill pre-program controls require large leaps in time to beat your old PR, it won't allow you to set the goal-pace for one second quicker.

I guess I got caught up in all the new gadgetry on my new treadmill compared to the old one. Often times, the old ways work better, they are more tried and true, not just fads.

I'd like to send out a big "UP YOURS!" to all of you engineer types, that think the more complicated gadgets and controls you can build into an object, the better.

I think I'll resume the old one-second-at-a-time approach, as long as you see progress you are happier this way, don't try to do too much too soon.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

3 Months, No PR, Grrr!:

Well, today marks exactly 3 months since my last training PR.

I'll make up a quote here:
"A treadmill PR is as good as a race PR."

My treadmill is currently programmed for a new PR 5K pace, ( 20 seconds faster than my previous PR, and on a steep incline ) but I always have to jump on the side rails during the fastest segments, and have been unable to complete the program without extra rest breaks.

No, I haven't run yet today, maybe today is the day, I believe I'm on the verge of another breakthrough. Thankfully I don't have to go on another business trip for about 6 more days, so I really need to lick another PR before then.

All speedwork, everyday until this happens, or I have to leave on a trip.

In an attempt to get motivated enough to set another personal record, I self-penalized myself by refusing to run outdoors in a race or even solo until I set another treadmill PR.

I know lots of runners hate treadmills, but since I get obsessive over numbers they are the ideal training tool for me. It's actually hard for me to run outside, I have to pretend that there is a belt moving beneath me since that was the advice given to me by an elder, more experienced white runner who was familiar with my situation.

That advice has really helped me, since I used to get all caught up in the paces others were running and trying to match certain people instead of running my own race and just letting the chips fall where they may.

*Update - Just finished my run. No PR, but I came pretty damn close to it, so I'm not upset at all. Perhaps tomorrow or Monday I'll nail it?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adeo Out Of Business?:

In one of my earlier posts, I gave the Adeo ( A GPS device ) which used to operate from the now-defunct web site ( www.motion ) a favorable review.

That was based on one race, in which it performed well. However, since then, I found it very buggy, and hard to work with, often losing satellite signals and giving skewed results.

I would have taken back the good things I said about it, but it appears the company went belly-up anyhow, and the Adeo has been discontinued to the best of my knowledge.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A Good St. Patrick's Day For Me!

Look Ma, I'm Thin!

Well, I guess the Irish in me came out today. If you will recall from my last post, I was attempting to lose 19.7 pounds in 26 days.

It only took me 12. I arrived home from a business trip two days ago, and weighed in at 174. Not bad, I thought, only 4.1 pounds to go. But I better get it done quick, because once I get home from a trip, I have a tendency to gorge.

So I popped a few natural diuretics, drank a gallon of ( diet ) green tea, ( also a diuretic ) and was disheartened to find I weighed in this morning at 176.2

Vocabulary Builder: "Diuretic" - [n] any substance that tends to increase the flow of urine.

Not good. I knew I had to get it done today, or else it wasn't going to happen. ( Under 170 in March ) So I ran and biked my ass off, with no fluid intake, ( I couldn't fathom the idea of a sleepless night in a homemade sauna with my body wrapped in Saran wrap and the heater on high ) and by around 7 PM the scale read 169.4

There is something weird about that 170 number, I'll tell you every time I approached it, I had a hell of a time just trying to get those last fractions of a pound knocked off, my body really just didn't want to do it, but I forced it to.

This is the lightest weight I've been since I was 17.
Sure we know most of it is water weight, but the mental victory of breaking the 170 numerical barrier took a lot of physical activity, and feels almost as good as setting a race PR.

What better way to celebrate the day Saint Patrick drove all the Jews out of Ireland than to accomplish this?!

From that site:
"The facts are, that Saint Patrick drove all the serpents out of Ireland, more specifically, the serpent race of Jews! Even as God commanded Israel to drive out the Canaanites from their midst, throughout the Bible, even so we have seen a few obedient instances of this in secular history. Saint Patrick drove the serpent Jews out of Ireland for the cause of Christianity, and this was true in all such cases of expulsion documented in history."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

26 Day Test:

Well, we will get a good real-life test of my last blog post over the next 26 days.

My January weight goal was to hit under 170 pounds sometime during the month. I failed. So I tried for under 170 again in February. I failed again, this time by only 1.1 pounds, as I weighed in at 171.0 at one point.

So I'm trying again for 169.9 in March. Today ( March 5, 2009 ) I weighed in ( unclothed ) at 189.6, so basically I have to lose 19.7 pounds in 26 days.

I figured blogging about it would help me achieve it. I don't want to blog about failing again. I plan on pigging out tomorrow only because I will be passing one of my favorite restaurants in the course of my job, but plan to buckle down severely after that.

We'll see how it goes. One sign of optimism I have is that many years ago, I worked 12 1/2 hour shifts in a plastics manufacturing factory. It was hot, and the work was intense and fast. They had a platform scale there that was made for weighing palletized material, but you could also weigh yourself on it since its accuracy had to be certified every now and then by an independent company.

Occasionally, I would not drink much over the course of the shift, and found that it was possible to lose a full 20 pounds of water weight over the course of a single workday.

Also, I more recently heard a football announcer who was a former NFL player say that on a hot day with all the pads and everything, it was not unusual for a player to lose as much as 27 pounds over the course of a 3-hour game.

Quite amazing actually.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lose 10 Pounds In 6 Days:

Although not physically healthy, sometimes for your mental well-being you have to lose weight fast to maintain your weight-loss goals.

If there are only 6 days left in a given month, and you are within 10 pounds of reaching your monthly goal weight, the following outline will get you there before the month changes over.

If less than 10 pounds over, you can scale these extremes back accordingly:

6 days until month end or weigh in:

Measure out two full gallons of water, and ration it out to yourself throughout the day.

As far as eating, count calories, and eat ½ of your maintenance number.

Maintenance number is defined as the amount of caloric intake which would cause you to neither gain, nor lose weight.

This is how you calculate that number:
Males: Body weight x 15
Females: Body weight X 14

So, for instance, you are a 170 pound male, you multiply 170 times 15 = 2,550.

Then divide by 2, so you'll eat 1275 calories.

5 days until month end or weigh in:

Measure out two full gallons of water, and ration it out to yourself throughout the day.

As far as eating, count calories, and eat ½ of your maintenance number.

4 days until month end or weigh in:

Measure out two full gallons of water, and ration it out to yourself throughout the day.

As far as eating, count calories, and eat ½ of your maintenance number.


3 days until month end or weigh in:

Measure out one gallon of water, and ration it out to yourself throughout the day.

Eat very few calories, and avoid sodium as much as possible.

Day before month end or weigh in:

Drink nothing at all for a full 24 hours exactly before weigh-in.

Eat minimal calories, and shoot for zero sodium.

Exercise only at moderate ( not hard ) intensity, but try to workout as long as reasonable.

Take a hot bath, or shower, the longer, the better.

Measure your weight every 15 minutes if you have to in order to see how you are doing.

If you have access to a sauna, this would be ideal.

Sleep with your body wrapped in Saran wrap, in a warm room.

If you wake up to a seemingly intolerable situation, remove some Saran wrap or turn your heater down.

Last day of month ( weigh in day ):

Weigh in. If under, congratulations, and re-hydrate as needed, and resume normal eating patterns slowly.

If overweight, exercise, take a hot bath, or shower and keep re-weighing until under, then rehydrate and resume normal activities, but try not to pig out all at once.

If you are really lucky, you may even reach your goal weight before the last day utilizing this method.

Of course this is almost all water weight, which you will re-gain quickly, but you will feel like you accomplished something.

This is a popular method used by athletes who compete in weight-class related sports, ( such as boxing ) so they can weigh in light and meet the lower weight class requirements, then regain the weight and fight, usually the next day.

*Note: This method should not be used by people who are not risk-takers, or who have existing health issues as there is a minor chance of medical complications.